Scholarships and Awards

The Department of Nutritional Sciences offers the following scholarships and awards to our graduate and undergraduate students.

Graduate Awards

    • Hamilton Eaton Award for Research Excellence and Janina Czajkowski Award for Research Excellence are for advanced graduate students ($1000 per award).
    • Students are eligible for only 1 award (Hamilton Eaton or Janina Czajkowski).
    • There will be 1-2 recipients for an award each year.
    • Application deadline: August 31 each year
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • Academic Progress:
        1. Qualified as PhD candidate by August 23 prior to submitting an application
        2. ≥ 3.5 GPA in NUSC graduate program
        3. Earned a least a “B” grade in all NUSC graduate courses
        4. Currently enrolled in NUSC graduate program
    • Minimum Criteria
      • Research Productivity:
        1. Minimum 1 publication as first author (published or epub ahead of print)
        2. Minimum 1 abstract as first author at a national or international science meeting (published)
    •  Additional Criteria considered:
      1. Publication record
      2. Internal/external research awards or recognition
      3. Research grants/fellowships
      4. Attendance at NUSC departmental seminars
      5. Graduate leadership in NUSC
      6. Participation in other internal/external service activities

Nutritional Sciences Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award

    • $500 per award for 1-2 students per year
    • Eligibility: NUSC UG students who conduct research under the direction of NUSC faculty are eligible for this award. Only 1 award is allowed per student.
    • Application deadline: August 31 each year
    • Selection Criteria:
      1. At least 2 semesters in NUSC research lab with at least 3 credits independent study/Honors thesis courses
      2. Letter of recommendation from faculty research advisor
    • Co-author of at least one paper or abstract (published or submitted) which may be disseminated via local, national, or international conference or journal

Janina Czajkowski Scholarship for 4+1 NUSC MS students with non-thesis option

    • This 1-year scholarship serves as a recruitment mechanism and provides financial assistance for 4+1 Plan B MS students.
    • $3000 scholarship for the academic year is available for 1-3 students per year. Money will be split into 2 semesters.
    • Students without a graduate assistantship will be given priority.
    • Application deadline: October 1 (spring admission) and February 15 (fall admission)
    • Selection Criteria:
      1. Minimum GPA of 3.5
      2. Letter of support/nomination from major advisor
      3. Personal statement including financial need


More scholarships are available for undergraduate students through the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. Click here for more information.

Students who have questions about an award/scholarship are encouraged to talk to their academic advisor in the department.