Online MS in Personalized Nutrition

    • The Department of Nutritional Sciences will offer an online Master of Science in Personalized Nutrition (MSPN) in the fall of 2021. The MSPN program is a professional degree that uniquely combines courses in nutrigenomics, clinical nutrition, and nutritional biochemistry to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills for Personalized Nutrition professionals. The Masters in Personalized Nutrition prepares students for careers in healthcare, academia, and industry. Personalized nutrition aims to take advantage of molecular understandings of nutrient-gene interactions by identifying genetic backgrounds that contribute to metabolic heterogeneities of various nutrients in the context of nutrition-relevant diseases. This program will build fundamental knowledge of this rapidly advancing field of nutrition. Students will gain genetic, biochemical, physiological, pathophysiological, and clinical understandings of nutrient metabolism to assess the unique nutritional needs of individuals to develop personalized prevision diet recommendations for the promotion of health and prevention of chronic diseases.
    • Click here for the program description, core curriculum, admission requirements, and application process of this online MS program.
    • More details will be available in February 2021.

What is Personalized Nutrition?

Listen to a seminar entitled “Personalized Nutrition: Do our genes determine what we should eat?” presented by Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, Professor at the University of Toronto, during the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Department of Nutritional Sciences at UConn.